Steve: the Sequel

Well I’m back on the web!! It seems like eons ago that I last spent hours upon hours banging out a webpage with visions of future fame and glory dancing in my head…Well this time ’round things will be different.. oh yes. Fame and glory, here I come…really. No more losing interest after all the design work is over – finally I have a real reason for a web presence, and I intend to keep it up.

That reason, my friends, is you – I value your attentions and will labour daily, right here on this page, to keep them.  As the french might say, you are all my raison d’être.  Now when was the last time someone told you that??

In return I hope that some of you will from time to time throw me a bone and let me know that yes, you’re still out there and that my sweat and toil is not for naught. I’ve been sequestered away on a cold rainy island ‘lo these many months, and your emails are like rays of sunlight beaming directly into my little heart, stilling my shivering limbs and sending the life-blood a-coursing through my veins once more. Believe it!

And now, something completely different…

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4 Responses to Steve: the Sequel

  1. Doofmann says:

    Wow! what an concept ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Incredible …

  2. Davo says:

    How’s it goin’ there cuz?!

    Ooo it’s very fancy isn’t it…nice work man.


  3. Pender says:

    MmmmMmmmm.. raisons.

  4. Ursula says:

    Hi Steve..just took time to read through most of this ..skipped the computer jargony stuff….and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the browse..and the education ..seeing that i’m just getting used to internet activities…Will keep tuning in, you automatically come up in my favourites…not my doing…and I’m not complaining.
    By the way we are now having typical NAD weather, ie cloud cover, wind and rain…brr, harder to bear than the snow and sunshine.
    Keep on VPNing!!