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In the Deep End

I usually swim once or twice a week…this comic is inspired by a very common pool situation, and my usual fantasy when stuck behind someone with an inflated sense of their true speed. I’ve never acted it out, usually because … Continue reading

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Done To Perfection

The other night I was cooking a recipe in my slow cooker, and when my timer went off I proceeded to turn it off and NOT stop the cooker until several hours later. Needless to say that night my goose … Continue reading

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Bathroom Wierdo

Here’s this week’s comic… gross? understandable? you decide. BTW unlike last week’s this one is not based in something that has ever happened to me…really… You know, they may seem simple but these comics actually take a surprising amount of … Continue reading

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Stay tuned…

Hi all.. due to a bout of food poisoning early this week I’m behind schedule with this week’s comic. It’s looking good but will be a few hours late…check back soon!

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Trickles of the Trade

Here’s a situation I find myself in way too often. It’s not the best way to explore a city – by sampling its many public toilets – but sometimes you do end up happening on some nice places while flailing … Continue reading

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Adolescent fantasies come true…

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Telegram (the main newspaper in St. John’s where I grew up) in response to a recent article I received from a friend about plans to demolish my old highschool, Holy Heart … Continue reading

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