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The Death Knell of Transit

Well here’s this week’s comic despite some people’s requests to take it easy on these characters. What can I say? I derive perverse pleasure from inflicting pain on fictional characters in hypothetical situations… is that so wrong? BTW while this … Continue reading

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Close, But No Cigar…Again

This comic was meant for last week… I’ll try to get an extra one out this week to compensate… Darn you summer and your wonderful distractions!

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Hop On the Bus, Gus

Most public transit systems are great, as long as you have an arbitrary amount of time to spare…

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Chapter 4 – “A New Hope”

Well after a brief hiatus we’re back… in case you’ve forgotten, our heroes are on their way to meet Tanya at the movies, got kicked out of their cab and then got lost. Things are looking grim, but could there … Continue reading

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