Close, But No Cigar…Again

This comic was meant for last week… I’ll try to get an extra one out this week to compensate… Darn you summer and your wonderful distractions!

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6 Responses to Close, But No Cigar…Again

  1. Pender says:

    Could our hero have swiped twice to get her on?

    Why is life so difficult!

    • Steve says:

      Yeah actually I guess you’re right… I guess they never thought of that…WE never thought of it a couple of weeks ago when this actually happened to us! doh

      • Steve says:

        I’ve just been told that the reason is that the bus system will not allow you to double-swipe… maybe it’s a safety feature to prevent you from getting double-charged for a ride?

        • Pender says:

          There must be a timeout on the swipe to allow a 2nd swipe, like after 10 or 15 seconds or something. I would think a 10 second lapse would be more than enough to ensure a double-swipe didn’t happen.

          Another solution is to become enraged, rip the rear axle off the bus and ride it like a log jam.

          So many options…

  2. Dimitri says:

    Steve, you gotta inject some optimism into your readers. It’s becoming very sad to follow these guys. Is there any hope?

    • Steve says:

      bah.. optimism’s overrated… I say let em suffer! :) don’t worry, soon it will all be over — one way or another