If Marvin Gaye Did House Chores

In relationships, it’s the thought that counts…right?

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7 Responses to If Marvin Gaye Did House Chores

  1. ursula says:

    Verbal illustration!
    This is an ageless topic I think Steve!
    Guaranteed to shatter illusions of intimacy…

    Here’s a ‘poem’ I threw together in creative writing group on the same..ish theme.

    “Sunlight soap for collars!”,
    she taught as she scrubbed
    grubby white grey shirts
    that once were Sunday’s best.

    Up and down the rippled washboard,
    sing-song rhythm sweating
    her body over the galvinized bath,
    in which adult and child bathed
    on a Saturday night,
    splashing bare stone flags,
    froth and old flesh flying!

    “Sunlight soap for collars”,
    she said as she watched
    the young one
    spin dry.

    Copyright: Ursula Kelly

    Just to keep you company Steven in your creativity.

    Why don’t your followers contribute instead of always critiquing???
    You don’t need critiquing…tell them to ..buy a washboard!

    • Steve says:

      great Ursula.. thanks for your contributions. It provides some food for thought…I’ll have to re-read this and mull it over more… nicely done!

      I don’t feel like I get that much critique.. if anything people may be too nice to me :) There’s no such thing as being “good enough” and I want to keep getting better. I appreciate anyone taking the time to respond be it a critique or creative contribution .. bring it all on!

  2. ursula says:

    that should read..grey white shirts…oh dear!

  3. ursula says:

    I love panel no 3!

    • Steve says:

      heheh thanks… technically I can see a lot I would have improved in that panel, but I also just liked it so I left it as-is. A rare glimpse into the softer side of this relationship :)

  4. Dimitri says:

    But she just could not let it go… Just had to push it to panel #4…

  5. ursula says:

    I bet the men think like Dimitri…and the girls probably think it was time to” address” it!!! ?????