Give A Guy A Beak

Hi again.. after another month plus hiatus I’ve managed to churn out another comic. I’m still hoping to get on top of the weekly updates eventually, but I guess at this point I can’t suggest you hold your breath!

In other news, I finally got around to naming these characters! Any of ye still reading this site, please say hello to

  • Edan (pronounced “Ee-dan”) is a designer and developer working for a small web design company.
  • Abbey’s a freelance Project Management Consultant working out of their house.

…so let the new story lines commence! Now I just need to name the comic itself…any suggestions?

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8 Responses to Give A Guy A Beak

  1. Antoine says:

    Good timing sir! I was just about to “goose” ya for an update. I have your page in my home tabs and I hadn’t seen a new entry in a while and was starting to wonder if you had abandoned this. Well done. How’d you come up with the names?

    • Steve says:

      Hey Antoine…thanks for checking in bud! Haven’t abandoned it, just got de-railed temporarily :) I’ve been thinking about names for months… scanning baby names web pages and the like. Finally I just had to make a decision…I just liked these names and felt they fit the characters, also they have an ironic angelic subtext as Ursula pointed out.

  2. ursula says:

    So glad you’re back Steve…was gonna email you..missed the wry eye! You’re on my home tabs too so I love to see the bold print!
    Hello Edam and Abbey! ..any play on Adam and Eve…! and Eden????
    Am toying with titles…
    but would like to know if I’m on or off the mark!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Ursula. You are on the mark! It’s EdaN (not like the cheese) :) which according to my research means “little fire” in gaelic (is that true?). I thought it fit the character who is constantly throwing minor tantrums … also props to the motherland!

      The normal pronounciation of the name is like “Aidan” but a less common one is “Ee-dan”, which I felt most people would read it as anyway, and is more pious-sounding (and especially ironic in the context of afore-mentioned tantrums).

      Abbey is a more straightforward girl name and again hints at her ascetic piety in the face of all her suffering. :)

  3. Margaret says:

    The goose must be female – protecting her brood! And they do give notice – usually noisilly! Did this happen?
    BTW, Is Edan developing a paunch?

    • Steve says:

      Hi Margaret, it didn’t actually go down this way but we’ve certainly met our share of vitriolic fowl in the London parks. Many times they ARE just looking for food.
      That’s a loose-fitting hoody with his hands in the front pocket, not a paunch! (at least that’s what I tell myself)

  4. ursula says:

    Name…Big Innings! as..In the beginning..

    Wha’s the word!

    Shucks and chiques chucks and chics

    ‘er n ‘im him & her her & him

    universal oops!

    oops and doons!

    ETC. etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ursula says:

    Do s and don’t!
    Holy shit !