Trot With Spot – The Mobile App for Dog Walkers!

Lady dog walkerLast year I took on the role of Chief Technology Officer for Trot With Spot Inc., a fledgling start-up company based in Toronto, Canada, where I live.

I’m happy to announce that this weekend we reached a major milestone when we released the first versions of our apps! One is a free native app for iPhone, available on the Apple App Store, the other is a web app, available at

The apps working together allow dog owners to participate in their dogs’ daily walks no matter where they may be…for example, at work! They also provide an important business tool to walkers, adding value to their businesses with a competitive new feature and solidifying their trust relationships with clients, which in a reputation-driven industry goes a long way.

Get It!

Download the Trot With Spot Walker app for iPhone here:

How It Works
  1. A walker downloads and installs the Walker app, and creates an account in one easy step.
  2. Dog owners (the walker’s clients) visit the Owner app at and create their accounts.
  3. Once logged in, the owners can create profiles for each of their dogs.
  4. Then the owners can search the database of registered walkers, and add their walker to their accounts.

Now the walker can see all their clients’ dogs listed within their app. Whenever they pick up a dog, they can use the app to indicate the walk has started, and a notification email is automatically sent to the dog’s owner.

While a walk is in progress, owners can use the Owner app to:

  • watch live map updates
  • see the locations of pictures and poops taken on the walk, and
  • exchange messages with their walker

Owners can also use their existing account to log into the Walker app and record a history of walks with their own dogs.

It’s a free app, so go ahead – download it at the above link and check it out! There is an option to send us feedback in the Settings menu, or contact me via the link on the left to let me know what you think!